Autumn Single?

We look forward to releasing new music this Autumn/Winter. The track name is yet to be finalized, though the working title is ‘Wind’. As a thank you for connecting with our mailing list, subscribers will get a sneak preview, sent via email to your address, before the release date!

The song has a downtempo vibe, is chillout to the core and captures both a vocal and instrumental vibe. We currently have a handful of songs that we plan to release as singles over the coming months, some vocal others instrumental. Plus one or two tracks that didn’t quite fit the mood of the last album.  The plan is to continue the easy listening, jazzy hip-hop vibe of tracks like Mountian and One Another from our recent Album while throwing out a few uptempo tunes, representing the growing popularisation of D&B. Visit our Facebook vidoes to watch a live cut from our gig at the Cluny 2 to give an idea!