About us

Beauty For Ashes, or B4A, are a UK Gospel, neo-soul band. Based in Newcastle Upon Tyne, they have spent the last decade, producing and performing music; whilst exploring the rich history of the Great Northern Soul Movement of the late 60’s; and soaking in the vibe of American neo-Soul and gospel in order to create their own unique sound. The deep-grooves, meaningful lyrics, and chill-hop vibe of their tracks stand out amidst the ever growing North-East indie music and hip-hop scene.

Made up of producer, AKA, and vocalist/songwriter, April-Soul, B4A also operate as a collective, pooling musical talents from across the North-East.

Inspired and influenced by J Dilla, Stevie Wonder, Zero7, E.S.T, Snarky Puppy, Corinne Bailey Rae, Kirk Franklin, Kwabs, Erykah Badu, Bonobo, Nao, Alicia Keys, Jarred Lawson, Bobby McFerrin, Beady Belle, Robert Glasper, Lisa McClendon, and many more soulful artists.

Combining a mixture of studio recordings and live tracks, B4A unashamedly voice hope for a brighter future. They make no apology for critiquing the materialistic trends of pop music, desiring to speak the Truth in a generation that has fallen to relativism. Such themes can be heard in songs like Taste and See or One Another. Faith-based lyrics aim to embolden other artists to share the faith, wisdom, love, and to bring conviction through their music.

Alongside powerful songwriting, B4A use instrumentals to create reflective space for their listeners.
Let the sounds of Erykah Badu, E.S.T, Snarky Puppy, Dwayne Tryumf and J-Dilla, take you to Newcastle Upon Tyne’s iconic Tyne Bridge for one huge soul train-dance off, led by the guest DJ and Master of Ceremonies, Jesus Christ.
Studio tracks make use of Logic X, Machine, and Kontact 10, Nord Keys Korg R3, Moog sub 37, and the Handsonic HPD-20. Mastered using Ozone Isotope.